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  1. Get a DHCP package, ISC-DHCP package is papular one. You can download from here.
  2. # pkg_add -v ISC-DHCP.TGZ
  3. Enable BPF in your kernel:
  4. # config yourkernel(assume your kernel named yourkernel)
  5. # cd /usr/src/sys/compile/yourkernel/
  6. # make depend all install
  7. Build your custom /etc/dhcpd.conf:

    Specify the subnet 192.168.0.* use DHCP, netmask is, and during {} is the configuration of 192.168.0.*

    Specify the range from to for DHCP.

    Specify a day for default lease time.

    Specify a week for the max lease time.

    Setup the submask of - using DHCP.

    Specify the broadcast address of -
    Specify the router of -

    Specify dns of -
  8. Add below to /etc/rc.local:

    DHCP is done.
  9. # reboot



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