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[ NTP ] Network Time Protocol

Visit Time Synchronization Server to get the detail information.

Install for port:

  1. Get the latest releases .tar.gz from Time Synchronization Server or releases .tar.gz from NCTU .
  2. # tar zxvf ntp*.tar.gz
  3. change to extracted directory, example:

    # cd ntp-4.0.99k
  4. for a few time
    # ./configure
  5. for some time
    # make install
  6. modify /etc/ntp.conf to set servers which provide ntp service, example:
  7. execute ntpd, to be a client for, and be a server for LAN.

    # /usr/local/bin/ntpd

    now some problems may happened, if time offset too large, it will error, now must clock manually or use command ntpdate at boot that insert lists in /etc/rc.conf or modify /etc/defaults/rc.conf below:
  8. now this machine is a network time server

Test for network time server:

  1. get the tool from national standard time and frequency lab or here(fow Win95) to synchronize.
  2. execute ntpclock1_21.exe
  3. now client is ready
  4. choose the server you want to synchronize
  5. synchronize




Ntpdate(Network Time Protocol)





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