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"POST"): //echo "you must use post method";//display html to remind user. //else: /* This file is for generating large amount user. outside parameter:$databasename($databasename must be a string),$account */ $databasename="sedb"; $link=mysql_pconnect("localhost","root","Mysql@mask") or die ("connect database failed.");//connect first, if failed, then stop. mysql_select_db($databasename,$link) or die ("select database fail");//$databasename was a string //************** $account="account"; $username="username"; $uid="uid"; $query="select $uid,$username from $account order by username ASC"; $alluser=mysql_query($query); $howmanyuser=mysql_num_rows($alluser); #$test=; #$test="
-> wrong #echo $test; #echo $alluser; echo "\n"; #echo $alluser[1]; echo "\n"; #echo $alluser[2]; echo "\n"; #echo $alluser[3]; echo "\n"; #echo $alluser[4]; echo "\n"; if(list($uid,$username)=mysql_fetch_row($alluser)){ //print(""); print("
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"); print(""); print(" $username"); print(""); }//if if(list($uid,$username)=mysql_fetch_row($alluser)){ print(""); print(" $username"); print("
"); //print(""); //print(""); print("
"); //************** /* //the other way $listtable=mysql_list_tables($databasename); print(""); for($i=0;$i }//for print("
"); */ #mysql_drop_db($database); /* 記得檢查 database 是否存在. $mysql_create_db($databasename,$link);//can't begin with 0-9, databasename must be a string. 可能要放上面,照邏輯判斷. */ //endif; ?>
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